MIE has a new identity -- double member of ICCA and UFI , and has been certified by ISO 9001:

InMarch 2019, we are honored to be recognized as an ICCA member.Internationalconference and conference association (ICCA), founded in 1963, is one of themost important organizations of international conferences and the most globalorganization of exhibition business.ICCA has 76 member countries in the world,and only 32 in China.As the leading organization of the conference industry,ICCA provides the best quality organization services for all members,facilitates the exchange of information among all members, and providesbusiness opportunities for all members to maximize their development.To becomean ICCA member, you are generally considered to have a high standard ofquality, service, quality and popularity.

Itis worth mentioning that MIE group has been a member of UFI (global exhibitionindustry association) as early as 2017. This addition of the membership of ICCAfurther affirms the professional quality of MIE group in the exhibitionindustry and makes a significant contribution to the development history of thegroup.Also known as UFI, or the Union of international Fairs UFI.At its 70thgeneral meeting in Cairo on 20 October 2003, The organisation decided to changeits name to The Global Association of The Exhibition industry, or UFI forshort.UFI is by far the most important international organization in the worldexhibition industry.

Atthe same time, MIE group has obtained the ISO certification from theinternational standards organization, and is honored to be an ISO 9001:2015international certified enterprise.ISO 9001 is by far the most mature qualityframework in the world, being used by more than 750,000 organizations in 161countries/regions worldwide.All enterprises that have passed the certificationhave reached the international standard in the integration of variousmanagement systems, indicating that the enterprise can continuously and stablyprovide customers with expected and satisfactory qualified products.From theperspective of consumers, the company takes customers as the center, can meetcustomer needs, achieve customer satisfaction, and does not induce consumers.


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