China Trade Week Kenya, The First Exhibition Certified by UFI

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MIE Group is a professional Exhibition, Trading and Consulting organization, in 1999 MIE group established in UAE, in 2000, MIE Group was well prepared for the exhibition,and successfully launched the first international exhibition The mission of MIE Group is to build an interactive bridge for trade and cultural communication between China and  Middle East & North Africa (MENA) region.

With the notion of "Based in Middle-East, serve the World", MIE aiming to facilitate the business growth of Chinese companies in the world. We set the standard for Chinese trade show with our "China Trade Week". 
Based on trust and experience, retailers and buyers can rest assured that we bring together the best from China at our events. 


Under the backgroud of “ the Belt and Road”, MIE has already successfully held several high-quality Chinese goods exhibitions in the countries along the route ,such as UAE, Kenya, Iran, South Africa, Mexico, etc. toghter with certified workshops and clutural exchange. SME’s want to purchase high volumes of products from China but didn’t want to rish doing business with facless companies online, or didn’t have the time or funds to travel to China. Thus China Trade Week will bring hundreds certified manfactures to Ghana to connect the business community of both countries.


Based on MIE group's 17 years of excellence in Middle East and Africa,  At the end of 2016, UFI organization come to us and invite we MIE Group to join UFI committee. The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry( UFI) is the most important organization in exhibition. It Is a platform to provide information and experience to members, discuss industry trends, strengthen cooperation. The High-end exhibitions all over the world are all certified by UFI. The organization's membership requirements are very strict,  the requirements include: the scale, history, The proportion of foreign exhibitors and the proportion of the vistors of the exhibition, ect.

Acturally, in June, 2016, when the second Kenya CTW held in Kenya Yada Ken National Convention Center, the staffs of the UFI had came to visit, they recorded the number of the vistors, during the exhibition, thay also Send questionnaires to exhibitors and spectators to know our China Trade Week.

At present, the China Trade Week has successfully launched its own brand in Middle East and Africa, the China Trade Week has became a important platform for the customers of Middle East and Africa to learn more about chinese products and a shotcut for chinese enterprises to go abroad and explore the Middle East and African market.